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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

Daniel Piršč Exhibition at the Richard Adam Gallery in Brno

Visitors to the Richard Adam Gallery in Brno now have the opportunity to see the exceptional porcelain collections of Daniel Piršč, an designer who always strives to go beyond contemporary methods of porcelain processing. His Yellow Hat exhibition runs from December 2nd to January 15th. The yellow hat is an accessory which the designer cannot do without. The concept of the exhibition focuses on a cross-section of Pirčš’s work; in addition to iconic objects, the exhibition displays many new pieces which all reflect the way Piršč understands porcelain. The exhibition curators explain: “Porcelain is a material of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. The fifth element is aether. The quest for aether has always been Daniel Piršč’s theme, his everyday work, his handicraft and his world.”

Daniel Piršč, whose brand Piršč Porcelain regularly displays its work at Designblok, presents this expansive and ever-growing collection of porcelain objects at the Richard Adam Gallery. The collection consists of three parts: Wall Installations (3D wallpaper, lamps and objects), the Table (a laid table made from olive wood featuring the Panathenai set designed for Křehký) and the Golden Ratio (11 panels conforming to the golden ratio, through which one can see the imaginary development of Piršč’s works). In addition to iconic objects, the exhibition displays new pieces, including a floor lamp in the form of a coat stand with a forgotten hat, a new vase from the Filigrán collection and a meditating Buddha.

“Most of the time, Daniel Piršč is not bothered with trends and has no interest in making use of short-term effects. On the contrary, it is often hard to recognize from what era his creations are, both from an aesthetic and technological point of view. Even though he stands outside the time axis, his work is so effective that it ‘has made its mark’ on time.”

8. 12. 2014

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