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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

How to apply

Applications for Designblok 2022

Applications for the next edition of Designblok will open in spring 2022.


Exhibitors at Designblok are divided into several categories (Form of Participation) according to their specialization and location:

An exhibitor can apply for the following spaces:

Superstudio – space for expositions of companies, shops, and producers

Openstudio – space for expositions of designers, schools, and studios

Exterior (exhibition space in the open-air section of Designblok) – space for expositions of companies, shops, and producers but also designers, schools, and studios

City/Galleries, Studios, Showrooms – galleries, pop-up stores, shops, and showrooms or any other space the entity chooses for its presentation and is produced and used by it based on the existence of a valid independent legal title.

You can apply for the following spaces only following consultation with the responsible manager:

Art House, contact person Tereza Knolová (+420 721 640 020;

Designerie, contact person Sára Hölclová (+420 776 133 010;

Fashion Shows, contact person Tereza Knolová (+420 721 640 020;


Superstudio – space for expositions of companies, shops, and producers

Designblok’s Superstudio presents new releases by Czech and international producers showing their products resulting from collaborations with top designers. All areas of design are represented here, with a special focus on furniture, lights, and interior accessories. Over 70 selected exhibitors present themselves in Superstudio.

Superstudio also houses the Hospodářské noviny Stage where lectures, workshops, and company presentations take place every day.

Superstudio is managed by Sára Hölclová (+420 776 133 010;


Openstudio – space for expositions of designers, schools and studios

Designblok’s Openstudio, a creative lab of contemporary design, is dedicated to exhibitions of designers, studios, school studios, and students who exhibit mostly prototypes and small-scale production without a commercial producer. Some two hundred Czech and international participants present themselves in Openstudio: these are primarily product, fashion, and jewelry designers, graphic designers, and illustrators. A section of Openstudio is dedicated to the Designblok Diploma Selection exhibition, a selective show of the best European graduation projects. Openstudio includes another Designblok support program: the Erste Premiere Talent Display where Czech students present their works in a curatorial selection.

             Exhibitors can offer their products for sale.

Openstudio also houses the Reflex Stage, a platform where workshops, lectures, and designer presentations take place every day.

Are you a designer, a studio, or a school and want to present your work in Openstudio? Are you an art school graduate and want to participate in the international competition Diploma Selection in the category of product or fashion design? Submit your application form.

Openstudio is managed by Tereza Knolová (+420 721 640 020;


Exterior – space for expositions of companies, shops, and producers but also designers, schools, and studios

             The exterior combines expositions of Superstudio and Openstudio

Space is allocated by the Organiser following an agreement with Applicant. It is dedicated to presentations of Exhibitors whose specialization puts them both in Superstudio and Openstudio. When the size of exposition, specialization, and safety is considered, it can reveal as more convenient to place the exposition in the open-air section of Designblok.

If you are interested in Exterior, please contact manager Sára Hölclová (+420 776 133 010; who is responsible for this space.


City / Galleries, Studios, Showrooms (spaces located outside Gabriel Loci) – galleries, pop-up shops, shops and showrooms and any other space the entity chooses for its presentation and is produced and used by it based on the existence of a valid independent legal title.

Dozens of galleries, exhibition spaces, and showrooms in Prague have become an inherent part of Designblok. They prepare their own program and special events for the audience during Designblok. Fashion brands, pop-up shops, jewelers, and showrooms open exhibitions in their own spaces, as well as Prague art schools that exhibit works by their students and graduates. Museums exhibiting and collecting design also participate in this section of Designblok. You will find all the participants on the Map (link).

If you want to participate in your exhibition space in the city, the contact person is Sára Hölclová (+420 776 133 010;

    I am a food seller

    Food sellers can offer their products in the outdoor premises (exterior) or in Gabriel Loci (interior).

    Designblok offers:

    • The opportunity to sell your products (foodstuff, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) and to present your company/shop/bistro/restaurant/food truck at a prestigious design festival.
    • A large number of wide-spectrum visitors and participants.
    • Participation of over 350 exhibitors and 48,000 visitors.
    • Various sizes of rental spaces in exterior and interior.
    • Guarantee the approximate location of the seller’s spot.
    • Connection to a power grid is included in the hire charges. Connection to a source of water or a stronger power grid is subject to an extra charge (please ask about the final charge)
    • The hire charge covers the entire duration of Designblok, i.e. from the opening ceremony to the last day of the festival (i.e. 5.5 days).

    Designblok requires:

    • Hire charges in their full (or a deposit) paid and a contract signed by 31. 7. 2021.
    • Uninterrupted operation and complete range of products on offer during the entire opening hours 6. 10. 2021 to 10. 10. 2021 from 10.00 to 21.00 (opening ceremony on 5. 10. 2021 from 18.00 to 22.00).
    • Mutual agreement about the range of products and prices.
    • Quality and considerate presentation taking into account it’s a design festival.
    • The use of single-use plastics is forbidden.
    • The sale of beer, coffee, and liquors (with the exception of product partners and official suppliers of Designblok) is forbidden.

    The contact person is Adéla Hlavatá (+420 739 491 065;


    You can send your applications for Designblok 2021 from March 2021 till 15th June 2021.


    Sára Hölclová (Superstudio, Exterior, City, Designerie), tel: +420 776 133 010

    Tereza Knolová (Openstudio, Art House, Fashion Shows), tel: +420 721 640 020

    Adéla Hlavatá (Gastro zones), +420 739 491 065

    Price lists and presentation

    The latest pricing and presentations for the following year will be uploaded in the spring of 2022.


    Presentation of Designblok 2021 pdf 4.02 MB
    Superstudio - Price list pdf 1.17 MB
    Openstudio – Price list pdf 1.12 MB
    Exterior - Price list pdf 787 kB
    City/Galleries - Price list pdf 282 kB
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