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Designblok Cosmos

Designblok Cosmos is touching down in a unique metallic capsule mounted on a space-age six-wheeler. Bringing ten original glass works made by ten foremost contemporary Czech designers, this unique exhibition offers an immersive audiovisual show overlooking the infinite vistas of space. Through experimenting with glass – the traditional Czech material – the exhibited objects present unique design approaches, fine craftsmanship and the Czech glass masters’ know-how, while showing the diverse technologies and most cutting-edge production methods used in Czech factories and workshops. The concept for this exceptional show developed in conversation among the Designblok team and the PPF Foundation, who were searching for ways to spread awareness about Czech design in the world.

Intergalactic Beauty of Czech Design on a space-age six-wheeler

For over twenty-five years, Designblok has been cultivating the Czech design scene by collaborating with renowned designers, supporting young artists, connecting makers with industry representatives, spreading awareness among the general public and representing Czech design on the international scene. And this exterior exhibition connects all these things into one whole – the cosmic capsule comprises a movable gallery which presents ten original glass works made by ten of Czechia’s best designers. A freight trailer was custom fitted for exhibiting purposes and, once parked in the intended location, it provides an exhibition space of 65 m2. The interior is covered with 170 mirrors and the capsule’s outside is draped in a silver reflexive casing.


The exhibition was first presented to the public in October 2023 as part of the 25th Designblok at the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle where it drew tens of thousands of visitors over the span of two weeks. And in April 2024, Designblok Cosmos got its first taste of international success at the world’s largest design exhibition. During the Superdesign Show – a seven-day prestigious showcase – it wowed some 80 000 design lovers from all over the world. Liberec is the third stop of this travelling exhibition, bringing the exhibited pieces back to the place where the masters of glass originally gave them life.

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Jakub Berdych Karpelis
4 All Space Dix

A rocket studded with coins and ten spheres. Glass object, blown and cut glass.

Vyrobeno: G1 Glass Art Studio

“My work thematizes the expansiveness of humankind, and I use it to comment on modern-day prophets such as Elon Musk who are colonizing the cosmos. I understand the need of scientific research, the desire of humanity to go beyond, but in this case, it is obviously all about raw minerals. There is nothing else left to plunder here on Earth, the insides of the planet have been devoured, everything belongs to somebody.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

DECHEM studio
Astronomic Supercluster

Luminescent sculpture, blown uranium glass

Produced by: Ajeto glassworks

“Slightly brutalist. It is made of uranium glass which gives it a specific character. We blew the shapes into a metal mould, giving them a specific surface texture and an organic structure which, in combination with transparent glass, makes for a very interesting optical effect.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Lucie Koldová

Lamp, blown opaline glass

Produced by: Brokis

“From the start I thought it would be great to just make an archetypal covering whose silhouette would be reminiscent of traditional table lamps, one which would react very well to the installation’s UV light. I integrated the abstract shape into the glass casing so that it would shine on its own, like some specter of former lamps or an abstraction of a lamp. But then I thought it would be a shame if the lamp couldn’t be lit outside of the exhibition’s scenography, so I decide to fit it with a light source.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Václav Mlynář

Glass Object. A transparent satellite, a ready-made consisting of glass discs used by glass-cutters for cutting decors.

Produced by: Bomma

“This glass object pays homage to my life-long obsession with sci-fi. I have always been absolutely fascinated by imaginary worlds in which our physical laws would not apply and where design, technology and science would have no limits. I created a space object which comes alive in the dark under a UV light.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Lukáš Novák
Hot Girls, Cold Beer

Floor lamp, melted uranium glass

Produced by: Spoo design

“The work was inspired by the legacy of Libenský and Brychtová, particularly their understanding of the importance of saturation of light and color. The tension between the glass’ thickness and tenuity creates a particular form of artistry which became essential for understanding the material.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Jiří Pelcl

Vase made of welded borosilicate glass

Produced by: Mikaglass

“The vase is expressive of one particular line of my art works, and essentially shows my fascination with production processes and with already existing features. It is produced by using a length of glass tubes originally intended for food production and the chemical industry. When I first saw the piles of tubes at Kavalier, pipes measuring two or three meters, I thought to myself: ‘And isn’t it a waste to use them just for the chemical industry or for breweries? It must be possible to make something from them, something other, especially since they are so simple to process. All you need is a gas burner and a pair of deft hands, and then just see what it can take, what it can do…’ And here again we see the democratic principle which has always been attractive for me. Using a mass-produced thing as material and using it in different ways.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Jan Plecháč

A vase which overcomes the limits of crystal glass production, blown and cut uranium glass

Produced by: Moser

“The Abyss vase was inspired by an air bubble rising from the depths of the sea towards the surface. Free divers say that the deep gives them a sense of inspiring tension, but also harmony and peace of mind. In the case of the Abyss vase, the tension between the immense pressure and a meditative lightness manifests the contrast between an organically-shaped core and the sharply cut, almost brutalist, exterior edges. The vase’s inner core is formed by the glassblower’s breath, making each piece a unique solitaire.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Rony Plesl

The figure of Christ crucified, draped so that his face is hidden. Object, uranium glass

Produced by: Vitrum Vivum

“It can essentially be any person. The sculpture is a part of a wider series in which I explore the idea of some sort of creator existing beyond us, one to whom we are responsible for our actions. A soft outline of his existence.”

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Tadeáš Podracký

Kompaktní objekt, kde materiál i tvar reaguje jeden na druhý a je prakticky principiálně neoddělitelný. Experimentální lampa, foukané sklo, kov.

Autorská spolupráce: Huňát Glass

„Chtěl jsem vytvořit takovou organickou podivnost. Kde se bude míchat moje exprese, stopy ruční práce a materiál s technologií.“

Designblok CosmosDesignblok Cosmos

Maxim Velčovský
Perfect day

Glass covering, blown glass

Produced by: Martin Janecký

“A hatch, an atmosphere which forms around a certain object. I thought about objects, and by ‘hatch’ I mean a thing able to close on a certain situation. A situation develops around an object and the atmosphere underneath the hatch, it blooms.”

Another dimension of the Designblok Cosmos

The Designblok Cosmos exhibition is accompanied by a voluminous catalog
featuring interviews with authors and original photographs by foremost Czech photographer Václav Jirásek.

View the catalog

Designblok Cosmos on the road

Designblok 2023, Royal Garden of Prague Castle
October 4–8, 2023

Milano Design Week, Superdesign Show
April 16–20, 2024

Museum of Fine Arts Liberec
June 14–23, 2024

Designblok 2024, Prague City Museum
October 2–6, 2024

About exhibition:

Designblok Cosmos: The Intergalactic Beauty of Czech Design
Superdesign Show, Superstudio Più (E3)
Via Tortona, 27, Milan
16–20 April 2024, 11 AM – 9 PM
21 April 2024, 11 AM – 6 PM
The entrance to the exhibition is free.


Curators: Jana Zielinski, Jiří Macek
Exhibition architect: Jan Plecháč
Represented artists: Jakub Berdych Karpelis, DECHEM studio, Lucie Koldová, Václav Mlynář, Lukáš Novák, Jiří Pelcl, Jan Plecháč, Rony Plesl, Tadeáš Podracký, Maxim Velčovský
Objects produced by Czech glassmakers were made in the following glassworks: Ajeto, Bomma, Brokis, G1 Glass Art Studio, Hunat Glass, Martin Janecký, Mikaglass, Moser, Vitrum Vivum
Sound and lights: Lunchmeat studio
Sound designer: Aid Kid
Photography: Václav Jirásek
Graphic design: Martina Černá / Imagery
Production manager: Šimon Borecký
Promotion: Patrik Florián
Partnerships: Adéla Hlavatá
Project manager: Tereza Knolová
Exhibition production: Scénografie
Producer: Designblok, Prague International Design Festival

For media

Information for media, press releases, and photographs can be found at the link below.
If you are interested in further information, interviews with curators, and exhibiting designers, do not hesitate to contact us.


Head of Marketing & Communication / Designblok, Prague International Design Festival
Patrik Florián |, +420 725 280 613

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