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Prague International Design Festival
7. - 11.10. 2020
Klášter svatého Gabriela

Petr Babák offers Books to Be Flung

Petr Babák is a Professor lecturing at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and is at the same time active as a graphic designer and publicist. He works in the Laboratory studio, which gained fame due to its experimental and conceptual approach to design. Design in his view is about seeking solutions, and the thing he loves the most about it is its beginnings. He is also a passionate sportsman.

“My performance for Designblok 2018 focuses on one of the subjects from the field of graphic design, which we have been long touching upon in our Laboratory, and that is the subject of a book. We will abandon the digital world for a while and will solely plunge into the world of emotions. People dust books at home, if they own any at all. They sacredly browse through them in that totally sacred time. Books are our primary sources of data during the exams, or merely serve as a wall decoration constantly collecting more and more layers of dust. My project allows visitors to flinging a book for how long they wish and in the way they wish. I offer Books to Be Flung.”

Favorite film: Kim Ki-duk, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

23. 11. 2018

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