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Prague International Design Festival
7. – 11. 10. 2020
Gabriel Loci

Buried Treasures by Zorya in Art House

Most of us have buried treasure somewhere when we were kids; some of us do the same from time to time as adults. We all enjoy finding undiscovered gems – whether it be in the form of glass shards, shells or pebbles. But Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta, a.k.a. Zorya turned this process into an unrivalled experience at the Designblok Art House. They buried shells, pieces of old objects and gems into chests filled with sand. The idea was that for every Designblok visitor who found treasure in one of the chests – each one linking parts of stories with purely personal discoveries – it could then be taken home, whether a piece of jewelry, necklace, pendant or brooch. Their generosity and playfulness resulted in a collection which disappeared almost as soon as it was created. Vacek and Pošta were smart enough though to have documented all the individual pieces and the set will serve as inspiration for the future Zorya collection. This brilliant concept featured individual pieces born from coincidences and encounters. It was by far the best installation by a designer studio at Designblok 2014, winning the Editors-in-Chief Award. 

4. 11. 2014

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