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Prague International Design Festival


Apollo by Lucie Koldová in Prague

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Lucie Koldová will present new pieces that she has designed for a range of world-class companies over the past year in the Openstudio Kafkův dům. The Object of Desire installation will include the Apollo lamp designed for the progressive French brand of La Chance or the Balloon designed for the Czech company of Brokis. 


Koldová’s radius of action has considerably extended over the past few years. Thus, it will be very interesting to see objects she designed for various companies all over the world on one spot. The Grand Designer of the Year 2012 at Czech Grand Design will present them in a single installation, including several new pieces that she designed without Dan Yeffet. “The Balloon lamp is the most personal one for me. Its story from the initial idea to the final shape is probably the longest one. I thought about these lamps for a long time, I polemicized a lot. The final result represents a perfectly compact object with a limpid glass volume that contains a metal spotlight. Its attributes are close to my heart,” says Koldová. You will have an opportunity to see the new piece, which she most prefers in the installation at Designblok. We would like to serve the Apollo lamp and the Levels tables as starters. 

Designblok visitors will find Koldová’s unmistakable traces in the Superstudio Nákladové nádraží Žižkov in the installation of Brokis glassworks, where Koldová is the creative director. 



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26. 9. 2013

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