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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

Beacons of the New World by Bóďa Horák

The legendary Czech postmodernist Bóďa Horák has established his own glass brand of M.O.M. (Moje objektové múzy). The first collection of robust lamps, made in collaboration with Rückl Crystal, implies big ambitions. Even though the lamps represent the designer’s first encounter with glass, they are pure and glowing. “Glass is an entirely new field for me, a new dimension that I have never explored before, an experience full of happy surprises. Its light conductivity, fragility, and transparency…” explains Bóďa Horák of how he started to discover the field, which had fascinated him for years, as had the element of light itself. “Without light, there would be no life. Life is light. I like its metamorphoses in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in summer, in winter. Light determines our mood, gives us energy, or takes it away from us. It creates good vibrations at home, on stage, at concerts, and installations.”

Galerie Zlatá lilie, Malé náměstí 12

26. 9. 2012

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