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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. - 10. 10. 2021

Designblok introduces the visual and novelties of the 22nd annual

The 22nd edition of the Designblok international festival will take place from 7 to 11 October 2020. The exhibition of furniture, accessories, fashion and jewelery will, as always, be supplemented by an accompanying program and will bring several fundamental novelties. This year, Designblok will invite visitors to the Gabriel Loci space in Prague 5 for the first time. The award-winning designer Jan Plecháč will create the design, the central square of the entire festival and the thematic exhibition.

This year's event is a key support for the organizers of local creators and brands in the field of design and fashion, whose production and sales opportunities were affected by the March emergency. A novelty in the program is the Design Helps exhibition located in the public space of Prague's Kampa, which will offer visitors designs and works by designers through whom design helps in crisis in the areas of healthcare, social care or the environment. The second novelty is the My Dream program, which Designblok announced to support designer drawer projects. "Given this year's global situation, we have decided to significantly emphasize Czech creators and brands. We are glad that we were able to fulfill the designers' dreams, for which there was no time or money so far - My dream will present works realized thanks to the financial support of Designblok. It is unbelievable how many new projects of designers and brands we will see at Designblok this year. It is a proof of the power of Czech design, which finds its way even in difficult times, comes up with innovations and cannot be stopped. We believe that Designblok will take place in full form, with the exception of the foreign program, which cannot be fulfilled this year. The restrictions affected the international Diploma Selection competition and the participation of foreign stars, "described the director of Designblok Jana Zielinski.

The central space serving as a relaxation zone, children's playroom and the venue of the accompanying program is designed every year by one of the top Czech artists. This year, Maxim Velčovský, Jan Rosický and Lucie Koldová will be followed by Jan Plecháč, who was entrusted with the space of the glazed Ambit in the heart of the building, as well as an exhibition on Passion intersecting this year, designer installations and the accompanying program.

The visual of the 22nd Designblok captures young and progressive Czech designers Jan Plecháč, Barbora Procházková, Luisa Bělohlávková and the Herrmann & Coufal duo. Their faces are hidden from the viewer and objects symbolizing their personal passion for design enter the center of events. "This year's visual on the topic of Passion mainly reflects the relationship of designers to their work. Each of the four creators photographed by Salim Issa approaches his work differently. Barbora Procházková deals with the sustainability of fashion, Jan Plecháč transforms the heart into a craft, Eduard Herrmann and Matěj Coufal examine the phenomenon of Do It Yourself and Luisa Bělohlávková shows that sometimes research leads to interesting results. Nevertheless, it unites them - a passion for the meaning of design, perfect execution of craftsmanship and the beauty it brings to life. We believe that they will excite and arouse curiosity, "described Jiří Macek, the festival's creative director. The graphic page was created by Martina Černá from the Imagery studio. Other variants of the visual will be revealed with the approaching start of Designblok.

The festival will fully respect hygienic measures and maintain maximum safety for visitors and exhibitors. As always, in addition to the main space of Designblok, galleries, showrooms and concept stories around Prague will also come to life - this year, two dozen exhibitors will take part in their own space.

22. 7. 2020

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