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Prague International Design Festival
7. – 11. 10. 2020
Gabriel Loci

Maarten de Ceulaer a guest of this year´s Designblok!

Maarten de Ceulaer is a belgium designer who is inspired with his strong travelling passion in his work. He uses his work to tell stories, to stir people's emotions, to inspire their imagination.
de Ceaulaer is continuously exploreing new materials and investigates in production techniques. He is known for using materials in unconventional ways, and the end result never ceases to surprise us. The emotional aspect of objects is equally important as the functional.
As it is with his last furniture collection called 'Mutation Series', which looks look like they weren't made by hands, but have grown to their present form organically. Perhaps it's a virus or bacteria that has grown dramatically out of scale. Maybe one day we would be able to grow a piece of furniture like we breed and manipulate it's shape like a bonsai tree.
Mutation Series make you look at furniture in a different way. It is hardly impossible to ever recreate such a specific pattern, so every piece is completely unique. You can find out more about developing this pieces at Designblok!

5. 10. 2015

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