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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

Designblok presents the theme for its 17th annual – Freedom

The organisers of Designblok, the biggest design festival in Central Europe, have chosen a very surprising venue for this, its 17th year – Výstaviště in Prague Holešovice. Leading designers and producers from the Czech Republic and abroad will present their work to the public from October 21st to October 27th, 2015. 


Jana Zielinski, director of Designblok, explains: “For the first time, Designblok will be held in a space purpose-built to house exhibitions. Following its completion in 1891, Průmyslový palác (The Industrial Palace) in Prague Holešovice played host to exhibitions from the leading Czech industrial producers of the day. Amidst magnificent architecture, this space can adjust to the needs of all exhibitors, primarily thanks to the exhibition areas of varying sizes provided. As usual this year, exhibitors will be selected according to our quality selection standards. Also, exhibition areas will be cheaper to rent, since both the Superstudio – the exhibition space for producers – and the Openstudio – the exhibition space for designers – will be located in a single building. And I’m sure both producers and designers will welcome access to exhibition areas which will reduce costs for all.”


Jiří Macek, creative director of Designblok, adds: “Covering over 10,000 m2, the magnificent venue that is the Industrial Palace will house hundreds of installations. This year, visitors can look forward to a large-scale festival featuring designs from all over the world. However, at its heart, Designblok remains focused on Central Europe.


On Freedom – the theme of this year’s Designblok:

Jana Zielinski, director of Designblok, explains: “Freedom constitutes an important part of our rights to quality of life. In the past it has been withheld from us, it has been misused, and yet we always longed for it. Can contemporary design have anything to say on the theme of freedom? After all, it has always been restricted by usefulness, possibilities and money. Aren’t we all being restricted by various things on a regular basis? This year, Designblok aims to fight for freedom. For internal freedom, unrestricted by prejudice, bad experience and little faith. For external freedom – political freedom – which must be guarded even twenty-five years after the Velvet Revolution. For creative freedom which we spoil ourselves with when we are little and with which we spoil ourselves less and less as we grow up. For freedom of our own judgement, freedom to surround ourselves with objects that we see as “our heroes”, freedom not to surround ourselves with objects when we do not want to, and primarily for our own freedom – freedom for us, the main stars in our lives. Long live freedom! Join us in our fight for a free world from October 21 to October 27, 2015.” 



The visual for this year is, once again, designed by graphic designer Martina Černá (Imagery studio) and photographer Salim Issa. Jiří Macek, creative director of Designblok, explains: “The visual shows Líza the goat and Gogo the chick. Other animals will later include Šikulka the pig, Hollwood the rooster and Abel the cat. The visual is inspired by the Town Musicians of Bremen folktale by the Brothers Grimm. The animals in the folktale had courage enough to set off on a journey in search of freedom, break free from oppression and fight for liberty.”


Unforgettable experiences from this, the 17th year of Designblok will be enhanced by the atmosphere of the attractive historical building of the Industrial Palace and its unique location. Visitors and exhibitors can access the Superstudio and Openstudio, which are both located within a single exhibition venue. 

18. 5. 2015

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