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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

The theme of Designblok 2020 will be PASSION

The largest domestic festival of design and fashion announces the theme of this year, which will be PASSION. The theme freely intersects with the dramaturgy of the festival, the accompanying program and the main exhibition. They are often projected in the form of their installations by the exhibitors themselves. And why the topic of passion? "Passion in the sense of passion for creating something perfect, beautiful. Something that transcends us and touches immortality. Beauty that transcends the ordinary, ordinary and becomes timeless and eternal. We will focus on combining contemporary design and classic crafts, which have a long tradition in our country, "explained the creative director of Designblok Jiří Macek.

Registration for the 22nd year of Designblok is open until June 14, 2020, if you want to participate in the show, just fill out the application on the project website. In addition to the presented product or concept, do not forget to describe in what form you plan to display them. Together with a quality product, the curatorial board for the final selection also assesses the form of the installation.

12. 3. 2020

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