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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

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Joline Kwakkenbos (Elliot Collective. with Britt Liberg)
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Joline Kwakkenbos (Elliot Collective. with Britt Liberg)

We are Elliot, a brand and collective founded by Joline Kwakkenbos and Britt Liberg. Elliot is a collaboration between fashion, art and performance. It is an ongoing research on movement, space, colour and contrast. Within Elliot we create garments for everyday wear, unpolished, but with care. All garments are unique and made in the moment, because we rather create than produce. We like to keep it playful, and want to build up a world in which all Elliots can live. Elliot is innovation within nostalgia, where craft and intuition are most important. Elliot is for the wearer, not for time.

Special events
Sat 9.10. 20:00
Fashion show presenting new series of garments. Presentation of a research into intuitive shapes and a mixture of different fabric qualities. (invitations only)

exhibition space: Přehlídka


Fashion Stage Sacre Coeur, Praha 5
+003 161 470 141


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