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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

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Zoltán Tóth
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Zoltán Tóth

RE as REINSPIRE, REBELLION, RESPONSE, RECONSIDERING, REIMAGINING, REINVENTION, RECONSTRUCTION, REGENERATION, REDEFINITION, REBALANCING, RETAILORING, RESEWED, REBORN, REWRITE, RETHINK, RECYCLE, RE(E)VOLUTION, REPLICA, REUSE, REPAIR, REACTION, REMADE, REMIX, RE-EDUCATION, REVALUE, RECREATE, RESEARCH, REMODEL, RESELLING, REDUCE, REGENERABLE, RECYCLATION, ... Which way should the modern fashion industry go? What is right and what is now unethical, inappropriate, or non-ecological? How can we take the right approach to our work and how can we avoid unsustainable production, overproduction, transportation, and related impacts on the environment? We all need to be prudent and consider from the very beginning how our activity affects the world around us. How do we react? Can we rebuild? Can we rethink what and how we consume? What we upcycle and recycle?

Special events
Sat 9.10. 18:00
Fashion show of the 2021 Diploma Selection finalists: Alessandro Santi, Larissa Pascale Binder, Zoltán Tóth

exhibition space: Přehlídka


Fashion Stage Sacre Coeur, Holečkova 103/31, Praha 5
+420 728 952 123

fb: @Designblok


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