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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

Lasvit and Bomma Shine On Na Příkopě Street

Situated in the former Živnostenská banka building on Na Příkopě Street, the shopwindows of the Muzeum moderního skla ZIBA (ZIBA Museum of Modern Glass) display first installations that reveal the common trend behind ZIBA and its future.

Designed by respected designer Fabio Novembre for the Czech brand Lasvit, the Big Bang installation (in the photo) re-imagines the Big Bang theory in glass. Fabio Novembre explains: “This theory posits that an initially hot and dense space started expanding really quickly. The Big Bang installation represents that space in a state of tension, in between implosion and explosion.”

The Incident Ray installation by British designer Adrian Peach combines the designer’s experience of designing lighting for various settings and his fascination with the unpredictability of light and the natural way in which it behaves. Peach’s vision, designed for Czech brand BOMMA, shows light as a substance which materializes in time, space and context. 

The two technologically impressive installations serve as evidence of the proficiency of these two renowned Czech glass producers, whose collections are regularly displayed at Designblok. Both installations will be exhibited on Na Příkopě Street until March 2015. The museum plans to open in 2016.



Na Příkopě Street until March 2015. The museum plans to open in 2016. 

21. 11. 2014

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