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Největší výstava designu v Praze
6. – 10. 10. 2021

What Can You Find in the Designblok Program Booklet (a.k.a. Designblok Catalogue)?

 The Designblok program booklet serves as a detailed guide to Designblok events, which will enable you to be perfectly informed about individual events, their location, and time. It offers several keys to enjoying Designblok.  


The most essential part contains an alphabetical list of all exhibitors with annotations of their installations. So in case you already know what you would like to see, who you found interesting in the previous years, or who has been mentioned in the media, you can simply look them up, have a look at their address and the date of their special event should they organize one. 


The second key is the division of the individual Designblok exhibition centers. Each of them has a different focus, clarifying where and what to find. In a nutshell: If you are interested in new designs from the field of furniture, accessories, and lights – or if you are interested in the general interior design production that is for sale – go to the Superstudio. The Openstudio serves as a space where you will find presentations of designer prototypes (that are often not for sale), concepts, and small designer editions that are for sale. Accessories, lights, furniture, plus books, jewelry, and fashion. The Art House is a space where design meets art. On display, one will find primarily collector editions or original pieces that shift utility objects towards sculptures or objects that endow interior design with clear features. 


The third key is orientation based on the spot where you are. Maps will show you which exhibitors you can find in the particular area. Thus, your path need not be limited only to Designblok exhibition spaces, allowing you to find very interesting showrooms and galleries. 


If you are a fan of exhibition openings, debates, live presentations, cocktail parties, we recommend that you have a look at the Day by Day section, which will reveal all important events hour by hour. 


All information can be found on the similarly structured website. However, it is a good idea to have the 15cm x 15cm square in your pocket for quick orientation. Available in all Designblok exhibition spaces, the Designblok program booklet costs CZK 50.


In case you have never heard of most exhibitors and worry that you will miss something important, we recommend that you orient yourselves according to the individual buildings and their descriptions, where one can find the key exhibitions and installations, plus the main crowd-pleasers.  


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